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Post by keltwookie on Thu 7 Feb - 2:55

- This mod is to be distributed by us for free, and to be used with a legal copy of Microsoft Freelancer. Freelancer is (C) 2002 Microsoft and Digital Anvil. All Rights Reserved.
- the Mod itself is under the Creative Commons license (
- All other content copyrights its respective owner or owners.

I was not able to find all the artists who created some models and / or textures, so if you see your work, concepts, or ships in our mod, please contact me at:, so proper credit can be given.
Also: A few modelers never answered to my emails, If you want some models (ship/stations) be removed, please, contact me at the same adress as above.
No worries, any copyrighted resources will be replaced

Please do not use this with other mods as it may crash your computer, or corrupt your game folder.



- Myrdhin: Poject Leader - Main Coding - Systems building - Bases building - Icons - Few Textures - Stories - Infocards - Rumors - Neuralnet News -
New Npcs Costumes - New Starspheres - Interface/HUD mods.
- Gunner: Story Line Moderator (yes, it was needed) - FL Hook Coding -  Stories - Rumors - Infocards - Neuralnet News - Beta Tests - English Grammar, Syntax and Corrections (huh, do I have well learned my lessons Sir?) - Rescue Server

I would wish to thank (in disorder):

- Microsoft/Digital Anvil - For the game
- Discovery and crossfire Mod/Devs/Communities without forgetting the entire Freelancer Community all over the world - To have given the inspiration and the envy to start this project. No doubt The Threat Mod gained much thanks to their experience
- The Gizmo Studios,
- Lancers Reactor Community, especially Lancer Solurus, Admiral Drake and Polar Bear
- SWAT OP-R&R for allowing us to put links on our sites to his huge download database, his wise advices and his time.
- Lancer Solurus for his work on ALE Editor (Without him, no advanced FX modding...many thanks to you man)
- StarTrader for excellent explanations about how coding commodities, ...and his humour.
- Daywalker for his excellent FLStat example, his method was the best I found to implement commodities on a large scale (god knows it is an awful task).
- Friendly Fire - The FX Wizard
- Sshan - For FL Explorer, HardCMP
- STFX - For Freelancer Mod Studio
- M1CF- For FLScanII
- Mario "HCI" Brito - For UTF Editor
- Shmackbolzen - For  .Obj -> .sur Converter
- Angus Johnson - For Ressource Hacker
- Digital Brillance - For loads of usefull tools (too many to quote here).
- Dan Tascau for FLStat
- Buck Danny - For Unofficial SP patch 1.4
- Drizzt, Osprey, Buck Danny, Crabtree, Gibbon, FuryFreelancer + mknote (missions against nomads) and many others (really sorry if I forgot some) for their great tuts and for sharing their knowledge.
- Adoxa, Cannon, FriendlyFire, mc_horst, M0tah, W0dk4 and many others: For the great tools they built - FlHook + plugins - For putting their work under a GPL license - For great hacks & plugins
- Wikipedia free encyclopedia ( - The best start for searching informations
- Larousse Encyclopedia and Dictionaries
- The Deep Photographic Guide to the Constellations ( - For their wonderfull constellations map
- Maximum Wall HD ( - For pictures
- bittbox ( - For pictures
- JHT Planetary Pixel Imporium ( - For pictures and planets textures
- Community - For their amazing free forums, themes, tuts and advices.
- Jordan Russell for Inno Setup Compiler (
- Special thanks to Igor Pavlov for LZMA algorythm and 7-Zip (> Faster uploads/downloads \o/

- Philippe Aragon a.k.a "Screaming" Boris Phillips - For his strange ideas and rumors - he's the origin of The Krell race
- HunterSteel, Khimerion, NoVa and zsonzon - For their little contributions and the few Beta tests they did
- Chuba and jord77665 for beeing the firsts to download the Mod

=Models, Textures and Shares (for more details, check the INFO folder):=

(in disorder)

Baene, Louva-Deus, Porshe, Mancer, Kuze, Harrier, geminiwc, Michael Dan, Platman, Michael Mullis, Bejaymac, Nightstalker, Lancer Solurus, BLACKASSIMILATION, TATE, BLACK TATE, Diamondback, Noire, Hobbes, Rick Knox, Davion1089, xXx, Skytalker, Crabtree, Mephistopholes,Atra-Hasis, Gizmo Studios, SolCommand, ID Software, Provox Multimedia, JSN Califf, Nova & Sergey in Space, He||oween, Wintech, Fark, Orion: Livsi,, Timmy51m, Glock36, Achille, Mad Dog.

- Aug Ship Pack
- Achille Ship Pack
- Gizmo Ship Pack
- TTF Ship Packs by Gibbon
- Baene_Louva-Deus Ship Pack
- Asylum51 and AFF Ship Packs
- Babylon 5 Ship Packs by TFK-Killermatrix
- Star Wars Ship Packs by Porsche
- Mancer Ship Packs
- Kuze Ship Packs
- HeIIoween Ship Pack
- Sol Command Models (many thanks again for the Xtra pack mate!)
- Modular Packs by Aldebaran
- Modular Parts Pack + Detailed TLR by Skotty
- Icon Pack v1.0 by Nebulae Wolf
- Custom Audio Packs by Gestoords, Nephilim, Chris "The Star Trek Man", Reynen
- Additional Musics by DJ Fab, Butterfly Tea, Gestoords, SubAtomicGlue,
- AnimaRecordingsAudioPack - Seems to be Gestoords and SubatomicGlue, not sure, please correct me if I'm wrong
- Vargs weapons and ships by Firebalance (Andy Fernandez)
- Black Hole model by Nephillim - I did not use the entire concept but started from it to create mmy own stuff
- HD Starspheres by Huno
- THE BIG HUGE EFFECTS PACK by Brian "Why485" Hernandez (avoided me hours of ale works and tests - many thanks)


2015 - Jan 27th - 11.39 GMT

If some Authors/Creators have been forgotten, please, contact me via this board

...Any comments?

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Post by keltwookie on Thu 8 Jan - 15:03


"First we copy, then we improve, then only we create" *Confucius - 551-479 BC*

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