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The Midge - Smart Weapon Empty The Midge - Smart Weapon

Post by Gunner on Fri 19 Oct - 21:16

The Midge


What is it: The Midge is a small very fast pilotless drone.
Launched from Battleships, held via docking module
Cost: Very High (Admin to set the figure)

Tasks: Interceptor
Smart Missile

Cargo Space: Nil

Speed: 2.5 x Cruise
Acceleration: 0-Max in 2 seconds


The Midge is a torpedo shaped object with no aerodynamic properties as it has no aerodynamic forces to deal with. Save for a window type panel below the nose to house guidance camera, radar and sensors it has no other distinguishing features.

It is purchased as a ship from Military Guards only and docked with a player battleship equipped with a working docking module. While pilotless it is flown as a normal ship by a player. In fact we fly all our ships in this manner and for all purposes this ship is flown the same way. It is expensive to purchase to prevent a glut in game play and needs a faction vote in order to use it, perhaps even Admin authority, reasons later.

Weaponry must be minimum but very lethal. Perhaps a forward facing gun with no more than 10 degrees traverse in all directions. This weapon is built into the hold to maintain the overall shape of the Midge.

Cargo Space is zero less for the capability to carry a very high yield explosive device when used as a smart weapon. It should also contain an EMP device in order to disable shields prior to detonation. Due to its expensive it would need a faction vote as once used as a smart weapon it has gone, no respawn.

Acceleration, guidance and thruster power.

The Midge comprises of a single advanced thruster and a guidance thruster. The guidance thruster is a directional ring set forward of the centre of ships gravity which is fired to give the Midge orientation direction in flight. The main thruster leaks a qty of fuel into the “combustion chamber” when idle. For normal flight speed is as normal but when cruise is engaged this fuel is ignited creating a ballistic effect propelling the Midge to its max speed of 2.5 x cruise in 2 seconds or less. With no crew inside there is no crew problems regarding acceleration inertia. De-acceleration, stop and lateral movement, no change from standard. Due to its speed I do not see it using trade lanes where it would be vulnerable and a danger to peaceful traffic. Whether it can use jump gates or jump holes is open to discussion but perhaps it can only be launched in the system of operation.

Foreseen uses.

With a gun it is an interceptor designed to occupy, destroy or harass an enemy until the arrival of the main force.

As a reconnaissance vehicle used prior to a co-ordinated attack or pre-emptive strike.

With a high yield explosive charge used as a smart weapon to destroy a very hard or high profile target. Such is the yield that collateral damage may occur creating serious decision making RP for the faction considering its use. The weapon is detonated .5 secs after impact. This means that the EMP would have destroyed the shields and the explosive charge would have travelled a distance inside the target therefore maximising explosive effect. The target is blown apart from the inside, no defence.

They may be other uses which are open to suggestion.

Other factors:

Hull strength. High but not so high that it cant be taken down. It must have a weakness somewhere. Its strength is in its speed.

Shield and Nanobots. Minimal, see Hull strength.

Scanner and Radar: While it does not need a cargo scanner it does need a long range scanner/radar in order to see where it’s going. The failure would be that by the time you have identified the target you have flown past it due to its high speed.


Most of what we need to achieve the midge already exists. We can dock on Battle ships, Fly faster than normal cruise, build it, weaponry exists less for the smart weapon bomb. I can not draw at all so there is free reign for any modeller to create this beast as desired but no wings, tail fins or aerofoils. They are not needed. Remember its strength is in its size and speed.
Admin will have to work their magic on its speed, respawn function and availability but I do not think that they are big problems. A working useable docking module maybe.

Why the Midge

1. The midge was the very first pilotless photo recce device used by NATO. Anglo French in design it was fired like a missile from a launch rail mounted on the back of a truck. It flew fast by remote control from a ground station, in a circular arc across the target and back to the recovery site where it landed by parachute.

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