Myr'Kar Heavy Drive Yards

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Myr'Kar Heavy Drive Yards

Post by HunterSteel on Mon 25 Mar - 13:57

Okay, since I mostly decided to go back to the Eztec Empire until my brother can get me a program that allows me to texture on 3DS MAX 2013, I started playing around with models again. And this is what I came up with. Once I have the program, I'll have it ready and textured.

Here are the Capital Ship Docking Births:

Heavy Capital Docking Birth

Corsair Dreadnought in the Docking Births

Light to Medium Capital Docking Births

Docking ports

And here's how big it is to the Corsair Dreadnought.

What do you guys think?


//edit: Yes, I know I made a typo in the name. But it is the Myr'Kar Heavy Drive Yards.

All hail the Corsair Empire!


Date d'inscription : 2012-11-16

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