How search, check and/or edits infocards?

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How search, check and/or edits infocards? Empty How search, check and/or edits infocards?

Post by keltwookie on Thu 12 Sep - 9:46

To check all rumours on a base, use FLEd_ids


-1) Look for the nickname o f the bases in DATA\MISSIONS\

Freeport5 =  Ew03_02_Base

- so, open mbases.ini with notepad (or notepad ++ if you know it), go to edition>search, copy/paste Ew03_02_Base>Enter

*Note:You can notice that every section is separated.*

- 2) Check all lines beginning by:

rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end...

- The first number after this line seems be the times the rumour is repeated by the npc for a same player.
- The second number is the number ID of the rumour loacated in one of the dlls present in the EXE folder

rumor = base_0_rank, mission_end, 3, 133191

In the example above, the rumour is repeated 3 time for a same player and have the ID number 133191
So to know what says a rumour, you just have to:

- 3) Launch FLEd_ids

- 4) Copy / paste the ID number 133191 (in the example) into the 'ids_info' dialog box

- 5) Click on the Get ids_info button

Here is the infocard for the said rumour Smile

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