Different Jump system (maybe Krell?)

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Different Jump system (maybe Krell?) Empty Different Jump system (maybe Krell?)

Post by zsonzon on Sun 8 Dec - 1:17

I wanted to find out something that shows technology can't evolve only in 1 way, I like the vision of the Threat that says "Possiblities are endless". This wont do a cruitial change to gameplay, I aimed at the atmosphere with this one.

In this different system every single ship of the race/house/culture will have a jump drive onboard. But these jump drives will be way less independent than the ones you could have tried in other mods. The jump drive can't generate it's own energy, it needs an outter power source, like an energy emitter attached to a station. Each energy emitter could send the ships to different systems, just like the jump gates and jump holes, but these ones rely on another technology.
The gampley can be changed in this way: Traffic control stations acting us power plants for the energy emitters can be constructed. Multiple jump points can take their seats around a single station which means, as Myrdhin said they work like railroad switches. This would make moving from corner of the house to another much faster and easier but in exchange the house/race/culture would not use trade lanes. This would make interstellar travel faster and interplanetary travel slower. What do you think about this?



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