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Post by zsonzon on Sat 4 Jan - 0:22

Remote Control Recon Drone (RCRD)

RCRDs are small, agile, fast and weak vessels mounted on a mothership which can deploy the RCRD(s) any time.

The player should be able to switch between controling the mothership and the RCRD freely, while being able to dock the drone on his ship. The mothership can even be a fighter if everyone agrees, I will put the minimum ship size to discussion.

There could be different types of RCRDs

1. Unarmed: Has excellent turning speed, maybe even extra thruster speed. A very small and weak hull is covering it's lean shape. Has almost no power core.

2. Mining drone: Used by freighters to mine ores. Unlike real miners they don't need payment, but can't defend the trasport at the same time.

3. Assault drone (maybe the "Assassin"?): Used for taking down key leaders of the enemy while they are not in a safe place. Can have a missile, low fire-rate and a high fire rate model. This ship has bigger size, with smaller turning speed and stronger hull. Shouldn't be strong enough to beat a fighter alone. It could do suicide actions as well.

4. Defense drone: can use a pulse cannon to drain bomber energy cores and assist the escorts of the mothership. Possibly a good combination element.

I don't say there must be multiple types of drones, but these are the examples. I hope it is possible and can go anywhere.




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Romote Control Recon Drone Empty Re: Romote Control Recon Drone

Post by keltwookie on Sat 4 Jan - 13:23

Well, another idea of drone was developped by Gunner long time ago. And for now, we can't see a way to achieve this project, ideas (logical) welcome Smile

But I insist, I LOVE the idea Very Happy

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