Opening Windows XP to the Open Source Community

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Opening Windows XP to the Open Source Community

Post by keltwookie on Thu 13 Feb - 5:30


By exploring the internet, I found this topic concerning an interresting petition, here's the link:

Well, some of you already know that I'm a true supporter of free/open source softwares, the reason is simple: by trusting a commercial company, you take the risk to obtain a non-finnished software (due to commercial release date) coded and checked by a few hundreds in the best cae. By using open source, you take the advantage of millions coders experience all over the world, so in the most case, far better results which will not ask loads of updates to work properly.

Soooo...let's imagine obsolete Microsoft OSes reviewed by Open Source Community...can't wait to see the results  Wink

Discussion open  Very Happy 

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