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Post by keltwookie on Wed 29 Oct - 14:14

#1) Due to new developments in the global scenario (more precision soon), almost all faction reputations and diplomacies have been modified (deeply for some). this version becoming a major revision it was thus logical to upgrade the version number.

#2) For the same reasons as above, few bribes offers removed

#3) San Fransisco Station (Li02_07 - owners: Devils Brigade) added in California, npcs + names + basic rumours + basic infocards included

#4) Few population zones in California modified to reflect the DB's presence

#5) Ships, Equipments and commodities added at San Francisco

#6) Attack Service Vehicle (ASV) + Infocards implemented for Junkers - Sold on Rochester (Li01_13)

#7) Gipsy (Junker Transport) + Infocards implemented - Sold on Traffalgar (BR01_08)

#8 ) Junkers faction npc ships + loadouts modified - Junkers' presence increased in NY

#9) Transport Turrets audio issue fixed

#10) INFO folder + IONCROSS folder + Server plugins updated

#1) Devils Brigade LF + HF (icons included) models replaced according to their respective infocards

#2) => Devils Brigade LF + HF npcs loadouts modified

#3) INFOS folder updated

#4) Guns highest refire rates reduced to minimize eventual lag in MP

#5) Quark-Gluon Infocard added

#6) Cardamine Commodity rebalanced between Omicron Alpha, Gallia, Kusari, Liberty, Bretonia and Rheinland

#1) Omega-15 (BW01_06) Gate Construction Site + basic npcs + names + basic infocards added in Omega-3 (BW01)

#2) Few npcs ships loadouts errors fixed (BAF + Bounty Hunters)

#3) Quantum Computers Infocards changed, the previous one was a little bit succint. If some would want to do corrections, or add precisions, they are more than welcome.

#4) Ship Hull Panels Comodity rebalanced all over the map

#5) Equipments added on all bases into Omega-15 + Omega 15 Gate Construction Site in Omega-3 (BW01_06)

#6) FL Hook Player Base plugin removed, due to a Disco texture included in playerbase models which could lead to copyright issue.
*Note: Another solution have been found to replace it waiting eventual permissions if this plugin would become really necessary.*

#7) Supraconductor Commodity rebalanced between Bretonia, Gallia, Kusari, Liberty and Rheinland

#8 ) Rice Commodity rebalanced in Kusari

#9) Few infocards errors fxed

#10) IONCROSS Folder updated

#1) Black Hole added in New Moscow - Not finnished yet
*Note : It was planned since I added the Wormhole Generator as standard JG for Coalition WOrld, the Black Hole beeing here to justify it*

#2) Nuclear Cell Commodity + buy/sell places added into the Coalition Worlds

#3) Trade Lanes + Populations Zones added in Shichuan (ZH05)

#4) Few Commodities rebalanced and/or added in Zonghuo

#5) Wormhole Generator Parts Commodity + buy/sell places added

#6) Gallic Lane Emitter Parts Commodity + buy/sell places added

#7) Omega-3 Gate Construction Site (BW12_02) + Omega-15 Supply Depot (BW12_03) + Lanes added in Omega 15
*Note: this to reflect the new economic situation. Indeed, GAE sell Gallic Lane Emitters and TTR, Wormhole Generators.*

#8 ) Beziers (GA01_03) + Agen (GA07_03) Models replaced. The previous models did not fit with the planned bases' function into Gallia

#9) Gallic Corps npcs ships names issue fixed

#10) Npcs + names + rumours added in all bases in Omega-15 - Charybd Station owner changed to TTR

#1) Jersey system name changed to Andorre (more logical)

#2) Neva (Ru02) New Starsphere created

#3) Saint Petersburg (Ru02_01) + Infocards + npcs + names + Rumours added (the previous implementation have been lost)

#4) Arkhangelsk Shipyard (Ru02_02), Kaliningrad Academy (RU02_05), Petrozavodsk Station (RU02_04), Planet Murmansk (RU02_03), Pskov Station (RU02_06) and Vologda Depot (RU02_07) + Trade Lanes added in Neva.

#5) Population Zones + Patrol Paths added in Neva

#6) Few Reps adjustements made

#7) Basic Commodities added on all bases in Neva

#8 ) Niobium lootable fields added in Miaplacidus (BW18) - Server plugins updated

#9) Few missing systems Infocards added into the Coalition Worlds, some others updated

#10) Wrecks added in Shanghaï system

#1) Few reps + empathies rebalanced

#2) aliens ships npcs names issue fixed

#3) Krelium, Synth Krelium, Sangthip, Myrdrium, Oxygen and Water commodities buy/sell places added on bases in Krell Worlds
*Note: Krelium will replace the food and pharm into Orion - same for synth Krelium at a lower price*

#4) Krell + DAO factions enhancements. Npcs (both factions) will carry goods and scan cargo hauls

#5) Quark-Gluon Comodity implemented - Buy/sell places added into Orion

#6) Sangthip icon issue fixed

#7) Few Equipments Infocards replaced - Indeed, they came from another mod and was previously added for tests purposes only

#8 ) Optronics Commodity rebalanced between Bretonia, Gallia, Kusari, Rheinland and Coalition Worlds > higher ratios from buy places to sell places. Made to create a particular economical situation.

#9) Optical Chips Commodity rebalanced between Bretonia, Gallia and Kusari for the same reasons as above.

#10) Few Population Zones of Leeds, New Tokyo and Honshu modified - Gallic Traders are now represented in game into these areas.

#1) 57 large ships names added for Corsairs. Suposed to be true Greece/Cyprus ships, the Corsairs' homeland beeing Crete after all Smile

#2) Population zones added in Omicron Kappa (EW06)

#3) Population zones and patrol paths added in New Moscow (RU01)

#4) Corsair faction modified to allow freighters and transports (npcs)

#5) Plebeian (Corsair Transport/Miner) implemented => npcs ships + loadout added

#6) Population zones added in Omicron Gamma (HI02) abd Omega-41 (EW03)

#7) Lootable artifacts and Alien Organisms fields added in Omicron Kappa

#8 ) Server plugins updated

#9) Varn S'har Shipyard (DK01_02) docking issue fixed

#10) Krell Docking Ring issue fixed

#1) Population zones added in Nevada (IW07)

#2) Lot of rumours concerning the war involving Hessians vs Corsairs modified or removed but some could remains.

#3) Few Molly rumours errors fixed

#4) Few NeuralNet News modified according to the story line

#5) Trinity cloud in Jersey (EW07) modified - Size increased and color changed

#6) New starsphere created for Omicron Iota (EW09)

#7) New starsphere created for Aquitaine (GA07) - Gascogne Cloud color and size + sytem ambient light modified

#8 ) Proper Bar Backgrounds added to Aquitaine bases and Stations

#9) Jump Holes between Tau 37 (EW01) and Provence (GA02) removed - Jump Holes Between Tau 37 and Tau 39 (BW11) added. Indeed, I found a little bit easy for Outcasts to enter Gallia.

#10) Marseille (GA02_05) bar replaced, the ambient light was too dark

#1) Map re-organized to stay as close as possible with the original one. Indeed, seeing the NavMap, I imagined the difficulty for players
knowing well FL to navigate into this new universe.

#2) Few ships missing harpoints added

#3) IMG new fighter shipline complete (LF+HF+VHF+Bomber) - Hardpointed and implemented

#4) IMG npc ships + loadouts modified

#5) Pudong (ZH04_02) Infocards added

#6) Few Infocards and Rumours error fixed

#7) Salamanders npcs lastname error fixed

#8 ) few ams2 modules replaced for Gallic Bases which was not displayed in game, I still searching why

#9) INFO + IONCROSS folders updated

#10) Installer built


#1) Few remaining docking issues in Coalition Worlds fixed

#2) Few buy/sell places of Light Arms Commodity added into the Coalition Worlds

#3) First Models of the new IMG fighter shipline created (Vampyre VHF + Banshee HF) - These new fighters will replace the Battlestar Galactica
ships previously implemented

#4) Boron Commodity buy/sell places rebalanced between Liberty, Bretonia, Rheinland and Kusari - Few places added in COalition Worlds

#5) Berylium Commodity rebalanced all over the map - Buy/sell places added in Gallia, Omicrons and Coalition Wolrds - Server plugins updated

#6) Shipdealer room added at Baltimore (Li01_14) - Prison and Luxury Liners are now sold here. *Note: another curiosity into Fl Vanilla: No
Ships sold and no rooms for it on a shipyard (???)*

#7) Engine Components + Optronics Commodities rebalanced all over the map - Buy/sell places added

#8 ) Some Vanilla rumours modified due to the new economical situation.

#9) Infocards added: Planet Omsk, Dogfish HF and SMP faction - More rumours added at Tsinghua (ZH01_02)

#10) Vampyre and Banshee hardpointed (see

#1) Stellar Express faction created (Ruthenia Shipping Company) including Infocards and npcs ships + loadouts

#2) Coalition Factions error fixed (the npcs didn't spawn) now Coalition Worlds are REALLY populated Smile

#3) Few Reps re-bakanced

#4) All ships sold (except capitals) have now a basic thruster mounted - Curious , apparently, it was not the case into Vanilla and maybe
it is another evidence Freelancer was never finnished (Microsoft release deadline?)

#5) Kostroma Luxury Liner (RU01_07) owner changed: Rising Sun -> Stellar Express

#6) Population Zones increased into Coalition Worlds

#7) Kozaks npcs + names + rumours added on The Kostroma Luxury Liner - Four Uncles will now smuggle ARtifacts and Kozaks, Diamonds

#8 ) Smolensk owner changed - TTR -> Stellar Express - npcs + names + equipment added - Infocard modified

#9) Orenburg (RU03_05) npcs + names + rumours added

#10) IONCROSS folder + Server plugins updated

#1) Shanghai Cityscape background + Ships Traffic created (some adjustements yet to do)

#2) Coalition Worlds Trade Lane Ring Model replaced

#3) Trade Lanes added in Shanghai (ZH04)

#4) Trade lanes have now different speed: Sirius = no changes (=2500), Gallia and Krells = 3500

#5) Gallic Lane Emitter model replaced by another custom one, not finnished

#6) Population Zones added in Shanghai

#7) Research Quality Gold buy/sell places rebalanced, a few added

#8 ) Pudong (ZH04_02) commodities added

#9) Coalition Worlds Diamonds + Artifacts buy/sell places rebalanced, a few added

#10) Kozak Faction Infocard translated in English (sorry for this)

#1) Population Zones added in New Moscow (RU01)

#2) Construction Machinery commodity By/sell places added in Ruthenia

#3) Diamond Commodity rebalanced from Bretonia to Gallia

#4) Sichuan system (Zh05) + Planet Chengdu + Luzhu Station + Neijang Station + Xichang Base implemented

#5) Pudong Station + Baoshan base Implemented (ZH04_02, ZH04_03 - Shangai system)


#1) Few by/sell places added for Prisoner, Artifact, refined Aluminium and High Temp. Alloy commodities into the Coalition Worlds

#2) Few missing commodities_per_faction entries added, more to come

#3) Belgorod (RU01_05) Ships + Equipment + npcs + names + rumours implemented

#4) Rumours added at Avior (BW17_01)

#5) Smuggler wreck added in Volga (RU03)

#6) Ice Asteroid Field added in New Moscow

#7) New Starsphere created for New Moscow (RU01)

#8 ) Proper Bar Backgrounds added for all Bases/Stations in New Moscow

#9) Luxury Consumer Goods commodity rebalanced all over the map, few buy/sell places added in Coalition Worlds

#10) Mining Machinery commodity rebalanced from Coalition Worlds to Rheinland

#1) More population zones added in Volga (Ru03)

#2) Lootable Copper Asteroid Field added in Avior (BW17) => Server plugins updated

#3) Sell places added (server side) for Cobalt, Copper, Aluminium, Beryllyium and Gold Ores

#4) Ufa and Samara (ru03_03, ru03_04) npcs + names + rumours + commodities + equipments + Infocards implemented

#5) Nijni Novgorod Shipyard re_built

#6) Orenburg (ru03_05) npcs + names + rumours + commodities + equipments + Ships + Infocards implemented

#7) Few missing Infocards added in Ural (ru04) and Siberia (ru05)

#8 ) Riazan (ru01_03) built

#9) Basic Comodities implemented for all bases in the New Moscow system

#10) IONCROSS Folder updated

#1) Few names changed in Ruthenia due to previous wrong geographical informations

#2) volga (RU03) deeply modified: Nijni Novgorod Shipyard, Orenburg Base, Samara Research Center, Saratov and Ufa stations + Lanes added

#3) New musics added on a few planets and systems

#4) MP3Codec plugin by Jason Hood (A.K.A Adoxa) added to avoid audio error messages under Vista/7 OSs

#5) 120 npc large ships names added for Coalition Worlds

#6) New Moscow (RU01) bases + planets + Infocards + lanes implemented

#7) Lootable Aluminium asteroid field added in the New Moscow system => Server plugins updated

#8 ) Basic Commodities added for all bases in Volga (RU03)

#9) New Base Model hardpointed and implemented (from Spaceforce - Rogue Universe Game)

#10) INFO Folder Updated

#1) Shijiazhuang cityscape changed again - More accurate considering the terraforming process in progress

#2) Few Solar textures issues fixed

#3) Fertilizer commodity buy/sell places balanced all over the map

#4) Iekaterinburg Depot added in Ural (RH04) - Npcs + names + Infocards + Rumours + Equipment + Commodities included

#5) Polymers, Hydrocarbons, Toxic Waste and Scrap Metal commodities buy/sell places added and/or rebalanced

#6) Lootable Debris Field added in Siberia (RU05)

#7) Tangshan Station added in Hebei (ZH02) - Npcs + names + Infocards + Rumours + Equipment + Commodities included
*Note: Baoding Station moved near New Beijin Jump Gate*

#8 ) Ship Hull Panels commodity few buy/sell places rebalanced

#9) Basic and Super Alloys commodities buy/sell places rebalanced in Coalition Worlds

#10) Server files updated

#1) Server files + INFO folder + IONCROSS folder updated

#2) Zoner Primary BS Turret + Zoner BS Powercore rebalanced

#3) Zoner Primary BS Turret Visual FX + sound changed

#4) Shijiazhuang cityscape changed - Infocards added

#5) Hebei system Infocard added

#6) From now on, the Mod will be separated in 2 versions: server and client. Only the client version will be available to public, this could change in the future but not for now.

#7) OPen SP Mode: Player will be stucked to lvl 38 but it don't affect the gameplay. It means that any good or ship is purchasable and missions (on bases) should works properly - if any problem, please email me.

#8 ) New Custom Visual FX created for Gallic Jump Gates

#9) Fertilizers commodity buy/sell points rebalanced from Bretonia->Gallia + Bretonia->Liberty

#10) Few Infocards errors fixed

#1) Npcs + names + Infocards added for Tsinghua University (ZH01_02)

#2) Commodities added at both bases in Omega 55

#3) pilot commodity added - indeed, until now, they were lootable and sold-able, but the item as selling good was not implemented, now done Smile

#4) Crew + pilot commodities buy/sell places added from Coalition Worlds to Planet Alexandria

#5) Wormhole Generator model (see 1.5.28) set as standard JG for Coalition Worlds

#6) Population Zones added in Hebei (ZH02), New Beijin (Zh01) and Liaoning (ZH03) - Some been modified in Canopus (BW16) and Siberia (RU05)  

#7) 2 Combat Space Stations (ZH02_03 and ZH02_04) added in Hebei to guard the Nomad Gate - npcs + names + 1 rumour + commodities + ships + equipment added

#8 ) Rumours added for Planet Shijiazhuang (ZH02_01)

#9) Minor errors fixed (TLR names + typos)

#10) Likho (Ruthenia Bomber) implemented


#1) About 30 names added for Zoner large ships (npcs)

#2) Ships purchasable on Planets Primus and Gammu (EW06_01_Base, EW06_02_Base)

#3) Ship Dealer room + npc added at Epidaurus (EW09_01_Base) - Nova VHF + BW Transport available

#4) Charybd Station (BW12_01_Base) + npcs + ships + names added

#5) New Civilian VHF (Hornet) implemented - Sold at Charybd Station

#6) Whormhole Generator implemented (Sol Command model), custom FX created - Will be the standard JG model for Coalition Worlds - Omega 15 and Siberia linked (BW12<->RU05)

#7) Rumours + Infocards + Basic commodities added at Charybd

#8 ) Basic commodities sell/buy prices rebalanced in Omega 41

#9) Population Zones added in Omega 15 (BW12)

#10) Consumer goods buy/sell points added from Shijiazhuang (ZH02_01) to Alexandria (Ew13_01)

#1) Custom DK cruise_start sound added

#2) Varn S'har Shipyard ( DK01_02_Base) rooms changed

#3) Useless/unused code sections removed in DATA\EQUIPMENT\... - about 2 MB saved !

#4) DK buoys implemented

#5) Populations zones + Trade Lanes added in DK03

#6) Useless/unused code sections removed in DATA\SOLAR\...

#7) Custom FX created for Pandora Guard Station - Activated but not finnished yet

#8 ) Nomad Brains sell/buy points rebalanced - Now sold at Epidaurus (EW09_01_Base)

#9) Basic commodities (oxygen, water, food and pharm) buy/sell rebalanced into the Zoner/Order areas (Omicrons)

#10) New starsphere created for DK02

#1) Open sP Mode modified: Player now start on Planet Cambridge with proper starting ship + basic Bretonian equipment, It was made like this to stay tuned with Gunner's SP Campaign scenario

#2) Bretonia restart option added (MP Mode)

#3) Rooms + npcs + names added at Heaven's Gate (Tekagi's Base - Ku07_02_Base) - this one was set to work with the Vanilla campaign only and was dockable but there were no rooms. Missing code section added in mbases.ini - npcs + names added

#4) Population zones added in Tohoku (Ku07)

#5) Useless code sections removed. It was concerning obsolete guns parameters (about 1MB saved !)

#6) New base models implemented - DK03_01_Base, DK03_02_Base, DK03_05_Base (Bios Production Unit 1, 2 & 3), DK03_03_Base, DK03_04_Base (HCSS-ZG1 & 2): npcs + names + ships + equipments added  

#7) DOcking + cameras Hardpoints added on a few DK bases

#8 ) New cityscape added for Planet Dol R'hun (DK01_01_Base)

#9) Daam K'Vosh fighters shipline entirely replaced to fit better with DK lore => Ship icons replaced + npcs loadouts modified

#10) Varn S'har Shipyard ( DK01_02_Base) Model replaced by a custom one - The previous had a problem with the *.sur file which forbid
docking/undocking - Works now perfectly Smile
#1) Planet Orleans Cityscape modified

#2) New custom made Gallic Trade Lane Visual FXs

#3) Missing npcs on Planet Krellyon Prime ( OR06_01_Base) fixed

#4) Proper Navmap Nebulaes\Asteroid Fields views added in whole Orion

#5) New custom made FXs for all Krell engines and weapons added

#6) Shyvaar shipyard (OR04_02_Bases) dock/undock issues fixed - LODrange visiblility issue fixed

#7) New custom made FX for Mitglied Gunboat added

#8 ) New custom made sounds for Gallic + Krell Fighters engines added

#9) Few bases modules 3D models rebuilt, the resizing of some of them was the cause of wrong views of a few bases (i.e Lorient)

#10) Several weapons nicknames changed -> IONCROSS folder and FLHook + plugins updated

#1) Pilots icons created to remove those I used from other mods - Pleasure slave icon changed, the one previously used was a little bit too much suggestive, some could not appreciate

#2) Useless code sections removed

#3) Shipdealer room added at Ruiz base (EW02_01_Base) - Hoplite (Outcast Bomber) purchasable as well as bomber equipments

#4) Population Zone added in Omicron 47 (BW13)

#5) Missions against Nomads issue fixed (big thanks to mknote) - Indeed, it appeared irrelevant to have assassination and capture missions in this case. By the way, and if your are an experienced pilot, let me know if those missions are too hard, I'm far from beeing a good one and have been destroyed in less than 5 mn

#6) Proper Bar background added at Meknes Guard Station (EW13_02_Base) - Docking issue fixed

#7) New Cityscape background created for Planet Alexandria (EW13_01_Base) with proper ships

#8 ) Isis Asteroid Field + Few solars objects added in Omicron 58 (EW13)

#9) Proper Bar backgrounds added at Louksor Shipyard (EW11_01_Base) and Karnak Station (EW11_02_Base) in Omicron Mu

#10) New Musics added in Gallia and Planet Orleans (GA05_01) - New sounds added for Daam K'Voshs fighters engines

#1) Missing missions targets added around Vierzon (GA05_12_Base) - Missing npcs issue fixed

#2) Starsphere background changed as well as space stations bars backgrounds for more visiblility in Centre (GA05)

#3) Missing missions targets added around Malesherbes (GA05_05_Base)

#4) Planet New Paris Cityscape background modified to add proper ships

#5) Missing npcs issue fixed at Rungis (GA04_03_Base)

#6) Finally, the rumour issue on Planet Nancy fixed - It was due to "&" instead of "and"

#7) Nancy (GA03_03_Base) Cityscape background modified to add proper ships

#8 ) Pithiviers 3D model camera + docking hardpoints modified

#9) Carthagena shipyard (HI01_02_Base) modified - Docking issue fixed - Proper bar background created

#10) Malta (HI01_01_Base) Cityscape background modified to add proper ships

#1) Dock/undock issues fixed + cameras properly setted at Agen (GA07_03_Base) and Arcachon (GA07_02_Base)

#2) Proper voices and costumes setted for all Bretagne (GA06) bases and planets, furthermore, it seems that the majority of docking issues bcome from a wrong npc voice choice

#3) Docking hardpoints + cameras added at Lorient (Ga06_03_Base) and Cannes (GA02_02_Base)

#4) Intros musics changed + 1 intro cinematic modified: 1 flying large transport removed, flying VHF proper engines FX attached, front view base changed due to the previous removing of a base 3D model  

#5) New Bar Background created for Brest Guard Station (GA06_07_Base)

#6) Quimper (GA06_06_Base) issue fixed: Was due to the complete code section which was missing into mbases.ini

#7) Few Infocards typos corrected

#8 ) Freelancers faction have now its own missions - Blois (GA05_02_Base) missions board loaded Cool

#9) Planet Tours (GA05_03_Base) bar changed - New background created - Missions board issue fixed

#10) If I'm not wrong, all missions boards issues should be fixed in whole Gallia

#11) Except a few ones, we should not see any of the former FL models into the cityscape cinematics Wink

#1) Open Single Player Mode implemented - Means that players can play the Mod without reaching a server, waiting the new campaign Wink

#2) Hoplite (OC Bomber) 3D model replaced by a custom one.

#3) New musics (principaly in DK Worlds and Coalition Worlds) and sounds added

#4) Few Infocards errors fixed - Strangely, a rumour on Planet Nancy (GA03_03_base) is still showing XML tags, whatever I do.

#5) Proper Base voices and costumes setted in Jersey (EW07), Languedoc (GA01), Provence (GA02) and Dauphine (GA08) - I have to check all bases
and inhabited Planets, on my todo list

#6) Npc error fixed on BS Castres (GA01_04_Base)

#7) New Bar Background created for Cannes Residence (GA02_02_Base)

#8 ) Dauphine: Missions Boards issues fixed - DOck/Undock issue fixed at Grenoble (GA08_02_base)

#9) Considering the number of problems generated by the size of the base (StarTrek Deep Space 9), Arcachon model replaced

#10) Few base models and their associated code (unused) removed to decrease the weight of the Mod and to avoid eventual copyright violations

#1) Various minor issues fixed in Siberia (RU05)

#2) Ruthenia Guboat turret 2 removed - useless for now -> Ruthenia npc ships loadouts modified

#3) Bretonia BS Defense Turret transfomed into anti-fighter BS turret (Bofors style)

#4) Bretonia Destroyer Primary Turret added - Sold at Southampton Shipyard (BR01_02_base) - New FX created

#5) 4 weapons hardpoints added on the Cougar (Bret DS) allowing 2 turrets + 2 forward guns in addition, so, more firepoower
-> BAF npc ships loadouts modified

#6) Few equipments nicknames changed and infocards added to allow an eventual selling in the future (powercores, engines) - Indeed, the idea is to think about buyable powercores and engines upgrades, not so original (numerous mods implemented it) but I really do like the idea and if I remember correctly, Hunter Steel proposed it.

#7) Modifications made server side to allow Bretonia and Gallia to share technology - Indeed, it appears logical as they are sensible to be
alllies, furthermore, a few infocards attests of the two houses' collaboration. It will be the case for Bretonia Destroyer Turret, Bretonia
Perseus Cannon, Gallic GB Turret and Exocet missile (maybe more to come). About this last one, and considering the difficulties encountered with this type of guns (see, important modifications will be made about the gun class (from now launched from
bombers), the power needed and hull/shield damage

#8 ) Gallic EMP Torpedo removed (see

#9) Gallic BS explosion Visual FX implemented (some tests yet to do)

#10) Few missing hardpoints added on Ruthenia BS

#1) Few bugs concerning the previous addition of the FX Pack fixed

#2) Perseus missile visual FX modified

#3) Perseus missile seems not working on BS. Is this a ship *sur file issue? - on my todo list
Edit: It seems that any projectile having a [motor] code section can't cause much damage to Battleships, whatever value the hull_damage and/or energy damage is - the solution, waiting finding the source of the problem, is thus to modify the concerned special weapons and transform them into capship guns - so unfortuntaly, no lock-able capships projectiles for now and the special guns (class 2 ) will only be fire by Battleships and Dreadnoughts

#4) Perseus and Singularity Cannon modified - Only BS and Dreadnoughts can now mount Class 2 guns (Special Weapons)

#5) Few reps modified

#6) Perseus Cannon Visual FX OK

#7) Few Sun names added - 1 planet size modified - Nevada Planet model changed (to fit with the view once docked)

#8 ) Thanks to Adoxa (great hacks!), random missions (those proposed in station/planets bars) could be more than 40 km from a base (tests yet to do) - Docking detection range increased - random missions for/against nomads is supposed to be effective (tests yet to do).

#9) Mitglied GB + Daam K'Vosh fighter (used now by the Mitglied VHF) engines modified - Powercores OK

#10) Kozak npc ships error fixed (lawful>unlawful)

#11) Ruthenia Capital Ships Weapons Visual FX created


#1) Few missing hardpoints added

#2) Few reps modified

#3) Gallic fighter engine Visual FX  modified

#4) Bretonia GB + BS mountable weapons modified

#5) Bretonia and Gallia BS Primaries and Secondaries turrets rebalanced

#6) Bretonia Primary turrets projectile issue fixed. It was apparently due to a wrong value for the projectile lifetime parameter

#7) Bretonia Cap Guns Visual FX changed - better i.m.o Smile

#8 ) Bretonia BS whobbling issue fixed. It was the same problem than the Krell Transport (Dev'Elrin) while cruising after having targeting
a waypoint (key: F2). See update
*Note: the checking of all big ships is on my todo list*

#9) Bretonia Bomber (Warthog) 3D Model have now a true glass cockpit model with a pilot in it - Yet to do: Dress a bit this thing

#10) Perseus missile (Special Weapon) created - Sold on Chatham Station/Kent (BR07_02_base)

#11) Big Huge Effect Pack by Brian "Why485" Hernandez added - Avoid me hours of *.ale coding

#1) Weapons hardpoints modified/added in shiparch.ini for the Varg Cruiser (Assimilator) to allow the varg cr forward gun (and others) to be
mounted - said gun class changed and visual FX modified

#2) Error (server side) concerning the use of zoner ships fixed

#3) Few Errors concerning mountable shields on zoner ships fixed

#4) Neutron Cannon (special Weapon - Order-Zoner) power_usage decreased

#5) Generic Cruiser Turrets rebalanced (Hull damage decreased) - Means that all cruiser and destroyers have to be checked again, indeed, the previous powercores parameters won't surely not fit

#6) Mountable Special Weapon hardpoints decreased on the Harvest (Zoner BS)

#7) Zoner + Order + Typhoon + Medusa BS Turrets rebalanced

#8 ) Medusa hp_gun_type error fixed - now properly mountable

#9) Zoner ships cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#10) Corsair pulse guns Visual FX error fixed

* Note *: All new ships added have now proper cockpit + turret views - if any forgot, please let me know

#1) Red Hessian VHF (Rache) Infocard error fixed

#2) 2 Weapon Hardpoints added on the Hessian GB (Morgenstern)

#3) Red Hessian capitals engines changed

#4) Few reps modified

#5) LWB + Bundschuh + Unioner npc ships + loadouts modified to fit with the new shiplines - Infocards modified to fit with the new storyline
- in the same way, I don't remember if the rumours and news are corresponding to the said story: on my todo list

#6) Rheinland ships (including unlawfuls) cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#7) Varg HF + VHF + Cruiser Infocards modified - HF engine modified: (cruise_charge_time: 1>3)

#8 ) Modifications (server side) to allow Varg ships to mount generic capitals weapons and generic civilian equipments

#9) Nemesis (Varg Fighter Gun - Class 10) Visual FX modified - Varg Weapon Classes modified

#10) Varg ships cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering
their mountable weapons

#1) Dark Fire (Codename Weapon) Visual FX changed

#2) Hoplite (Outcast Bomber) rescaled to standard game size - Maybe the 3D model will be replaced, same thing for VHF (= Salamander VHF). Indeed, they are parts of other mods, but even if these mods seems non-active today and if i gave the appropriate credits, it could lead to copyright issues. In any case, the final goal is to have the maximum of custom models, so 2 new ones are in preparation.

#3) Forgot to apply the engine change to Outcast npcs - fixed

#4) Few missing hardpoints added

#5) Zoner, Freelancer, Outcast tranport npcs loadouts modified according to the new BW tranport 3D model

#6) Espada (Outcast GB) Crash Bug fixed - It was due to a wrong code section in shiparch.ini

#7) modifications (server side) to allow Outcasts ships to mount generic capitals weapons

#8 ) Outcast BS turret visual FX modified

#9) Outcasts ships cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#10) Few errors fixed in Rheinland

#11) Red Hessian VHF (Rache) dock/undock issue fixed - it was apparently and strangely linked to a missing handling parameter (nudge_force) in shiparch.ini

#1) Few missing hardpoints added

#2) Few errors concerning fighters mountable weapons + shields fixed

#3) Osiris (Order BS) mountable weapons modified - 3 weapons hardpoints added

#4) Neutron Cannon (Order/Zoner Special Weapon) visual FX issue fixed

#5) Nomad + Order ships cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#6) Daam K'voshs and Krell weapons rebalanced

#7) Krell Dreadnought 3D model rescaled to the standard game size

#8 ) The Krell Transport (Dev'Elrin) had a curious comportment while fixed. This was due to wrong values into the handling
parameters in shiparch.ini

#9) Krell Engines Visual FX changed

#10) Krell ships (including DAO) cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted as well as their powercores considering their
mountable weapons

#11) Outcasts fighters engines changed - Indeed, as their closest (geographically) human allies are the Gallic Salamanders, it could appear logical both share some tech

#12) Few reps modified

#1) GMG Gas Transport 3D Model replaced => GMG npc transport loadout modified

#2) Hogoshas Ships textures rebuilt

#3) All Kusari ships (including unlawfuls + GMG) cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted
as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#4) Few reputations adjusted

#5) Few missing hardpoints added

#6) Liberty guns weapon classes modified (to keep balance between factions)

#7) Devils Brigade HF 3D model + textures replaced by a custom one (my first try)

#8 ) All Librerty + Molly ships (including unlawfuls) cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted
as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#9) Number of mountable weapons reduced for Nomads capitals

#10) Order light fighter + bomber textures rebuilt - Order Bomber 3D model scaled properly, it won't appear as a mini GB anymore Wink

#11) Nomad Prototype (Order gun) weapon class changed (8 -> 9)

#1) Loads of typos fixed (Heirs TO the Crown instead of Heirs OF the Crown - Thanks Gunner Smile )

#2) few minor bugs fixed

#3) Border World Transport 3D Model (Daedalus) + textures replaced => Freelancer + Zoner loadouts modified

#4) All Gallic + Bounty Gunters + Border World + Generic Civilian + Corsair ships cockpit + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted
as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#5) Daam K'voshs fighter weapons rebalanced

#6) Minor bugs fixed

#7) Daam K'voshs Capitals Engines FX modified

#8 ) Daam K'voshs + IMG + Bloood Dragons ship cockpits + turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted
as well as their powercores considering their mountable weapons

#9) IMG fighter engines FX modified

#10) Blood Dragons ships textures rebuilt

#1) Volgograd Shipyard (RU03_01_base) + npcs + names + ships + equipments + commodities added

#2) Battleship Minsk (RU03_02_base) + npcs + names + ships + equipments + commodities added

#3) Few Minor Bugs fixed

#4) Ruthenia Singularity Cannon (Special Weapon) added - Few adjustments yet to do

#5) Trade Lanes and Population Zones added into Siberia (RU05), Ural (RU04) and Volga (RU03)

#6) Coalition and Bretonia ships Cockpit + Turret views have been reviewed and re-adjusted - Yet about...160 ships to check.

#7) Siberia + Volga Starspheres added

#8 ) Gallic GB 3D model changed, the previous will replace the current BW Transport whom concerned 3D model seems under copyright and used by a major mod project (Tides of War)

#9) Gallic Cruiser (Hercule) hardpoints modified for more realism

#10) Gallic BS (Promethee) hardpoints modified -> Turrets slots number reduced (32 to 22) - 9 weapons + 3 Torpedoes Slots added
=> solars + npc ship loadouts modified

#1) Kozaks faction (Ruthenia Unlawful) + npc ships + loadouts added

#2) Mineable hydrocarbons field added around Planet Omsk

#3) Lensk Station (RU05_03_base) + npcs + names + ships + commodities + equipments added

#4) Custom base  model added (space_shipping_new), dock/undock issues fixed

#5) Krasnoïarsk Station (RU05_04_base) + npcs + names + ships + commodities + equipments added

#6) Looting commodities and equipmentds added for a few new factions

#7) It was long but... I finally managed to make the whole texture of the Mitglieder VHF visible (nomad + rheinland textures - first, an idea from Mr Lee Starkey)

#8 ) Ruthenia GB Gun and Turrets added

#9) Moskva (Ruthenia GB) added => Ruthenia Police Faction npc ship + loadout added

#10) Bogatyr (Ruthenia CR) added => Ruthenia Navy Faction npc ship + loadout added

#11) Konovalov (Ruthenia BS) added => Ruthenia Navy Faction npc ship + loadout added

#12) INFO + IONCROSS folders + FLHook plugins updated

#1) Commodities, Equipments and ships added at Dragon's Nest (BW17_01_base).

#2) Sevastopol Mining Facility (BW16_01_base) + npcs + names + commodities + equipments + ships added

#3) High ratios diamond lootable fields added in Canopus (BW16)

#4) Stakhanov Ruthenia Civilian Freighter shiparch modified - the ship can now mount mining turrets

#5) Papanine Heavy Transport added -> TTR faction npc ship + loadout added

#6) Sobchak Mining and Prospecting (SMP) faction  + ID + npc ships + loadouts added

#7) Population Zones added in Canopus (BW16)

#8 ) Planet Irkoutsk/Siberia (RU05_01_base) + npcs + names + equipments + commodities + ships added

#9) Planet Omsk/Siberia (RU05_02_base) + npcs + names + equipments + commodities + ships added

#10) Dogfish Light Fighter (very agile !) added - sold on Planet Omsk

#11) INFO + IONCROSS folders + FLHook plugins updated


#1) New Base Custom 3D Models created/added, so, a few base models replaced (EW13_02_base, Ga05_04_base, ZH03_02_base)

#2) New Moscow (RU01), Neva (RU02), Volga (RU03), Ural (RU04), Siberia (RU05), Canopus (BW16), Avior (BW17), Miaplacidus (BW18) systems + Jump Gates + Jump Holes created/added

#3) Planet Shanghai (ZH04_01_base) added including npcs + names + ships + equipments + commodities

#4) Krell fighter guns (including missile and torpedo) FX + settings modified/fixed

#5) ZH03_02_base (Tonghua Station/Liaoning System) model replaced and harpointed - docking/undocking OK

#6) GA05_04_base (Pithiviers Station/Centre) docking/undocking issues fixed

#7) Gallic JG Model (Sol Command Model) + FX + Gallic JG Tunnel created/added

#8 ) Lane Hacker Bomber (Riot) added - Sold at Santa Fe Shipyard (IW10_01_base)

#9) Jinzhou Prison (z03_03_base) + npcs + names added

#10) Dragon's Nest (BW17_01_base) + npcs+ names added

#11) INFO + IONCROSS folders updated

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