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803 A.S

In Jersey, Zoner explorers accidently discover a Jump Hole leading to an unexplored portion of Sirius: Gallia, the inhabitants being the descendants of the French Sleepership launched in great secrecy after the defeat of the Alliance against the Coalition.
Initally frightened by the vindictive attitude of the Gallic fleet, the Zoners where very quickly contacted by other vessels who also took great care to stay clear of Gallic detection. These newcomers claimed to be part of a Gallic resistance group called the Gallic Revolutionary Council (GRC). Taken to a secret base, the Zoners met the senior politicians of the GRC who told their the story of Gallia.
For 150 years, the House of Gallia is governed by a monarchic dynasty who model themselves on the former kings of France on old Earth. As such the current Gallic monarchy is being managed with an iron hand by the current sovereign, Louis XXI, a cruel and ambitious despot whose expansionist ideas are a secret to nobody.
While the Gallic industries ran at their full capacity, to increase the power of the royal fleet, the people starved and any vague desire of revolt was repressed in the blood by the Gallic Police and Navy. During the next years, several cores of rebellion where consitued in almost every corner of Gallia finally meeting under the aegis of Gilbert Dessailly, a politician of imense experience devout in the values of Democracy. Also at the meeting was Admiral Loïc le Guen, an honourable man and a former Royal Navy officer who joined the rebellion with his crew and battleship, the "Descartes".
These two men organized the Gallic resistance by creating a whole sympathizers' network among the Gallic people, as well as certain high-ranked members of some Gallic corporations, who tired of the limitations and the imperative management imposed by the monarchy and intimidated by the warrior ambitions of the Gallic Monarch.

807 A.S

After several failed attacks by GRC agents who had infiltrated areas in order to destabilize the royal sources of supply, the first major offensive was launched on July 10th against the Blagnac shipyard in orbit around the planet Toulouse. According to a strategy imagined by le Guen, it was a tactic of hit fast and strong and withdraw long before a support fleet was sent by the royalist. It was a resounding success and Blagnac is destroyed along with the Battleship Neuilly. During the next months, the GRC forces, managed by le Guen, will take the control of a part of Languedoc. The boldness of Le Guen's men becomes the main subject of concern of the Gallic despot who began to see his influence and its ascendancy questioned by its own circle of acquaintances.

817 A.S

Confronted by the incapacity of the royalist forces to take back Languedoc, the king decided to send an armada consisted of 15 heavy battleships, 30 cruisers and their escorts. Due to the overwhelming might of the forces deployed against them, the GRC could only withdraw to their bases imagining that the reconquest of Languedoc by the royalist is only a question of time. The GRC high command decided to proceed in its evacuation as well as to that of the civilians keen to flee the regime.

818 A.S

The End of the Gallic Civil War:

The GRC found refuge among Zoners and IMG bases and formed a new government in exile with Gilbert Dessasilly as the First Minister, with the support of their hosts, they welcomed the refugees fleeing the tyranny of the Gallic king, always more numerous with each passing day.
Emissaries where sent to the government of Bretonia, requesting assistance due to the repeated agessions by the royal Gallic forces against the Bretonian advanced posts in Tau 31. A first attack was pushed away in Leeds on August 17th 818 A.S. In light of this success, the GRC government in exile and Bretonia decided to sign a treaty of alliance.
On August 25th, the GRC high command send envoys to Liberty and Rheinland (far from the conflicts but potentially threatened by the desire of Gallic expansion), to propose an alliance. Both governments accepted. Three weeks later, trade agreements where signed between the companies of the 2 houses and the GRC government.
Meanwhile Gallic engineers, having fled the monarchy, began researching on mysterious artefacts discovered during diverse explorations.

820 A.S

The organization known as the Blood Dragons discovered that certain members of the new government of Kusari where again infected. They contacted their old allies "The Order". who investigated and discovered that the new infection is unrelated to their historical knowledge. The parasites being more powerful than what they had ever encountered before.
Meanwhile, an archaeological mission of Zoners discovered new systems and new artefacts, more ancient than what had ever been discovered before. Suddenly the reports from the scientists stopped. With no more news unfolding they were reported missing.
Kusari is now completely under the yoke of Gallia. Blood Dragons continued to launch sporadic attacks, but little success. Supply convoys had great difficulty in crossing the blockades.
Gallia continues in its methodical invasion and on April 8th, a new assault is led into Leeds against the Bretonian forces and their allies. Heavy losses were regretted but Leeds remained free, thanks to the unexpected intervention of Gaians and Mollies who decided to forget their old quarrels becoming allied against the invader. Deserters of the Gallic royal navy speak about strange attitudes and behaviors by their former superior officers.

821 A.S

Rheinland sent a support fleet to Bretonia due to the diplomatic pressure of its new allies.
In Edinburgh and Jersey the Mollies and Gaians became allied and attacked relentlessly Gallic supply convoys.
Meanwhile the Gallic royal navy invaded Kepler. Zoners fled the Ames station and took refuge in Liberty. Xenos was swept away by the invader and withdrew into Colorado. Liberty declared a state of alert and strengthened its presence in front of the planet Denver.
Kusari reaffirmed its neutrality in the fights.
In Gallia the GRC resistance is reorganized, and attacks against the Gallic military centers of provisioning are committed. On September 19th, the Olivet Station in Centre, a vast fuel storage location, is destroyed. The resulting explosion was seen many thousands of kilometers away.

823 A.S

In February the IMG discovered a new system not far from California which they baptized Nevada. Geological teams are constituted to discover the profitability of this system. Having discovered no exploitable mining resource the IMG abandoned Nevada, the Reno station and the planet Las Vegas.
Edison Trent, the well known freelancer, finds the abandoned Reno station and made it a place of residence and refuge for all travelers. In time he will make a discovery which will assure him a comfortable income.
In the Omicrons the Dons, patriarches of the Outcasts, are knocked down and replaced. The consumption of cardamine increases and we see more and more strange vessels around the Outcasts systems.

824 A.S

In Nevada, Las Vegas was transformed into leisure center, and commercial lines established between Colorado, Nevada and California.
Rogues allied to Junkers discovered a system not far from Cortez that they baptized Carribbean, the base of Tortuga rose in just 6 months and the business of slaves became more prosperous than ever before.
The Gallic royal navy resumed its progress towards Colorado and on May 3rd, Denver falls.
Liberty sent envoys to meet leaders of the GRC and ask for help.
A strong support fleet, managed by Admiral Le Guen, is sent to Liberty. In spite of their numerical and technological inferiority they managed to push away the invader.
On June 18th, an agreement was signed between Liberty and the GRC First Minister.
Meanwhile Leeds remained the theater of violent conflicts between the Bretonian Navy, their allies and the Gallic invader. More and more civilians, among them many scientists, ran away towards Sirius. The Gallic royal army experiences more and more desertions.
Towards the end of the year, intelligence service of the Order discovered that the high dignitaries of Gallia were infected. An envoy is sent to warn the GRC but he never reached his destination.

826 A.S

Red Hessians discovers a strange quantum anomaly in the Omegas and patrols inspected the sector regularly. On November 27th an astonished patrol met vessels of the Coalition. The Hessians gots in touch and on December 5th envoys of the Coalition met the Hessians leaders.

827 A.S

Weakened by attacks in Gallia by GRC forces, the counter-attacks of Bretonia and Liberty, the Gallic royal contigents withdrew from Leeds and Kepler. On March 14th Gallic royal forces were attacked and decimated in Tau 31 under the joint pressures of the Bretonian Armed Forces and GRC Forces. Liberty and Rheinland remained behind to guard their borders. On April 20th Jersey passed under the control of GRC, achieved in principle by the Mollies and the Gaians who continued to deny the Gallic supply convoys a safe passage. Numerous new recruits as well as deserters joined the ranks of the rebellion.
During this time in Liberty, the engineers of Ageira Technologies, worked in association GRC scientists, to produce more powerful engines and more resistant vessels hulls. Achieved thanks to the information given by the GRC resistance and Gallic dissident scientists.
In the Omegas an alliance was signed between the Coalition and the Red Hessians. The Coalition came to look for assistance against unknown vessels with incredibly powerful armament.

828 A.S

In Omicron Gamma the Corsairs faced an invasion of Nomads and Oucasts, and on July 3rd the Prokopi Base was completely destroyed despite the fierce resistance of the Corsair commando squads of elite. On July 7th one combined force of Red Hessians and vessels of the Coalition arrived to assist the Corsairs. This action greatly surprised them. On July 8th Omicron Gamma is secured and on the 9th, a pact of non-aggression and mutual aid, in case of invasion, was signed between the three partys. Meanwhile in Omicron Kappa Zoners was invaded. The Order sent support and pushed away the invader. The diplomatic relations between Zoners and their allies was strengthened.
In Gallia GRC forces penetrated Languedoc and annihilated the Gallic navy in front of the Jump Gate and on March 3rd they took control of Perpignan. Meanwhile and seeing the advance of the GRC force, more and more civilians rebelled on the planets New Paris, Nantes, Montpellier and Toulouse. A rebellion is repressed in the blood on the planet Bordeaux which regretably resulted in over 3 million deaths. The GRC and its allies decided to accelerate their action.
On March 18th Languedoc was completely under the control of the rebellion which pushed on to Provence. The Bretonian Armed Forces went into Aquitaine and decimate the Gallic royal navy.
On 24th Provence fell. On April 10th the king of Gallia and his believers ran from New Paris ahead of the allied forces advance. Before they could effect their escape they were captured at the royal astroport by a GRC advance guard. The king was hung on April 11th in front of an overstrung crowd.
Arriving in front of New Paris on 12th the GRC forces arrested the survivors of the royal family before civilians could take revenge for the years of tyranny. On May 1st Bretagne fell to the hands of the rebelled civilians and during the next months all of Gallia rebelled and took back its freedom. It is in December that the defeated Gallic royal navy surrendered but some manage to evade capture. All trace of them was lost.

829 A.S

In January, a Gallic Provisional Government was constituted and elections organized. On February 15th the High Councillor Dessailly was elected with 85,97 % of the votes. In spite of the protests of his circle of acquaintances, the president of the new Gallic republic decided to incorporate former outlawed personalities in his government who had widely contributed to the victory. Some of these outlaws accepted their new positions while others left establishing a new criminal organization called the Salamanders. These Salamaders rapidly took control of the black market in Gallia and became allied to the Outcasts. The Gallic Navy and the Gallic Police saw attributing new vessels, armaments and equipments which were built thanks to the collaboration of the free peoples of Sirius.
In the Omegas a strength combined of Hessians, Corsairs and their new allies, went to the Coalition worlds and cross the quantum anomaly.
In the Omicrons Outcasts strengthend their power thanks to the contribution of unknown technologies. More and more strange vessels massed near their systems.

... Meanwhile, Kusari assures the other houses of its pacifism with the biggest hypocrisy.

830 A.S

The Times of Peace

Intelligence service of the Gallic Navy discovered that the former royalist officers mounted a new terrorist organization known as "The Heirs of the Crown". Their purpose was, naturally, to knock down the democracy. These criminals of a new kind, benefited from an unknown outside source of help and hid in the unexplored worlds lining Gallia. Meanwhile the Salamanders became masters of all the illegal trade of Gallia and made imports of slaves and cardamine in large quantities.
In the Coalition worlds the battle rages. New Beijin fell as well as New Moscow.
In spite of the help of Corsairs and Hessians, the Coalition was overwhelmed by the power and the speed of aliens vessels.
The Order and the Zoners continued to investigate the possible infections in Sirius and Gallia, an agreement of non-aggression having been signed with all the houses.

832 A.S

In Nevada Edison Trent enjoyed a peaceful existence contented with making the fruit of his business by staying behind his bar to listen to the narratives of the travelers.
In all Sirius business prospered and IMG became one of the most powerful organistations of Sirius. Their miners gained the authorization to canvass almost everywhere. Furthermore, they gained their own fleet and trade agreements crossed with all the houses of Sirius which assured them a comfortable income. This allowed them to create other stations always farther into the depths of virgin worlds.
Zoners and The Order took up diplomatic relations with Corsairs and the enormous vessels of Zoners criss-crossed the Omegas.
The Order continued its investigations and it finally managed to warn the government of Gallia, which by deduction, concluded that the "Heirs of the Crown" are in fact former infected royal officers. Recon missions were sent but todate, nobody has returned.

835 A.S

In March and almost by magic, Coalition forces managed to take back New Moscow and New Beijin. The losses are heavy and envoys were sent to ask help across Sirius. The populations starved and lack all essentials commoditites. Rheinland answered the call and sent transports loaded with foodstuffs in the direction of the Coalition worlds.
Meanwhile Zoners discovers a gigantic jump gate in an unexplored region in the Omicrons. Not knowing where it lead, they decided to build a station near and to send a scientists' team to study it. Until now the door seems inactive and forgotten for a long time by those who built it.

837 A.S

In the Coalition worlds, the alien invaders were finally repelled. But the leaders did not know where from where they came. An investigator of the Order discovered an incredible fact. It was about the Daam K' voshs who it was believed had disappeared many a millennium ago. Messengers were sent to all Sirius and Gallia, and all the navies are in state of continual alert and teams of scientists and engineers worked relentlessly to improve the armament and their vessels.
Meanwhile in Gallia navy patrols discovered a station of unknown origin in Aquitaine. Any approach is impossible due to its heavy defence. The Battleship Merignac was sent to anchor in close proximity to protect the close commercial lines. Currently no attack has been indicated, except sporadic raids.
In Omicron Alpha Outcasts, who because of the comsumption of cardamine had began to mutate, indicate telepathists' power and / or telekynetics. A rare new breed had been born.
Their fleet was modernized and they got ready to take their revenge on Corsairs.
In Kusari the secular alliance between Hogoshas and the Farmer Alliance collapsed. Hogoshas began firing at anything which moved and even the police and the army remains static. About the government of Kusari it pretended to notice nothing and the revolt scolds. In November the Farmers Alliance decided to become allied with the Blood Dragons and became banned in Kusari.

838 A.S

To be continued...

*Note: Written and imagined by Myrdhin, corrections and additions by Gunner*

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