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Stations in Bretangne Empty Stations in Bretangne

Post by zsonzon on Tue 6 Aug - 12:55


A part of the Saint Nazzaire shipyard seems to be a ghost. Sometimes I can't even see it even from very close range (0 meter) and I can fly through it. The hitable body of the Gallic battleship is just a little bit strange.

Lorient Research Center has invisible corridors connecting the main structure and the smaller sections. The corridor has like 20m or more invisible part but I can hit it perfectly so it should be there. I can fly through some areas of the station. Some biodomes are blowing up, I guess in the case of terrorist attacks. If there is some sort of destructible universe going on I really like it, but the base parts should have more health then because the entire base would just be gone in the matter of hours or less than an hour in the case of a large scale attack.


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Stations in Bretangne Empty Re: Stations in Bretangne

Post by keltwookie on Sun 11 Aug - 13:43

Thanks for heads up. I noticed a few problems myself considering the modules I used to build station. mmmm... seems I have to worry about 3D softwares more than expected.

Keep up the good work and thanks again

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