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Base construction platform Empty Base construction platform

Post by zsonzon on Fri 10 Jan - 17:33


I have taken a look at the base construction platform. It seems to have engines pointing at all directions. At the same time it has very low strafing speed, should be faster in my opinion. A big ship, but looks it was built to move freely in construction sites.

What do you think? Should it be faster? And will the engines light up independently in the future? Because all engines go to max speed when I'm going forward which makes it a bit weird.




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Base construction platform Empty Re: Base construction platform

Post by keltwookie on Fri 10 Jan - 18:18


Yes, this model earns a lot of engines hardpoints, I forgot to disable them. To be honnest, I coded it quickly (and maybe badly) just to have a base construction platform to test the base plugin.

About the ship itself, don't dream, it won't be a Light Fighter and this kind of ship is heavy, but okay I will see what I can do for the maneuvrability

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