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Post by keltwookie on Wed 17 Oct - 20:26

1) Any kind of flaming, threatening or insulting language directed at members, moderators and administrators in public or private, is prohibited on forums and / or via pms.
All countries and cultures are welcome on ourĀ forums so:

Any demonstration of xenophobia will be harshly sanctioned

2) Not allowed on KL Game Studio forums:

- Posting abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, racist materials;
- Advertising, especially commercial advertising, except (1) advertising your own gaming websites or forums, (2) your own game servers. These 2 points beeing valuable for independant game developers only. In exemple: No way here to post links or advertising for Blizzard and others
- Adult content or links to adult content. This includes any anime that is in any way slightly graphic or pornographic.
- Posting libel, defamatory, threatening materials and any law-violating materials.
- Posting copyrighted material that does not belong to you and redistribution of which was not allowed by the owner.
- Seizure-inducing pictures may be removed without warning.

Violating this will in most cases lead to a forum ban.

3) All posts must have something to say in Development Area (restricted access), these forums are a work place where all can share knowledge and informations about game designing, so please be constructive.

Trolls of any kind will be kicked out !

4) Still in Development Area, any project of improvement must be posted with the most complete possible description.

5) KL Game Studio beeing a place where all independant developers are welcome, no way here to post something related to big companies like Blizzard, Bioware, Ubisoft etc....

Date d'inscription : 2012-10-17

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