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Post by Gunner on Mon 8 Apr - 18:42

The Threat – Beta Testing Procedure

It is important to adopt a procedure for the Beta Testing of The Threat in order to ensure that time is not wasted. It is important to realise that we test for the potential users of The Threat who will, correctly, expect to enjoy themselves while gaming on our site. Should they be disappointed they may leave and not return casting doubt on our work via FL forums. In essence we must get this right.

Admins may of course test what ever when ever they wish in order to aid development. Core testing will be supervised by Gunner with, currently, Nova as a game tester.

Test will be sequential and conducted on systems designated by Myrdhin and on complete systems only (if possible).

The following will be tested in the following order when applicable. Bases, Factions, Ships, Equipment, Commodities, Combat, Trading and Mining. NPCs and interaction with NPCs will be tested sequentially with each test.

All testing reports are submitted to Gunner for collation and verification before being submitted to Myrdhin. Gunner will control the characters of all testers to ensure that they are correctly equipped for the test in hand.

Thoroughness at each location must be ensured. That is each NPC character at bases that has a bribe, rumour or information must be addressed in order to ensure that the text is readable and apparently factual. All info cards must also be examined to ensure the same conditions.

Until further notice commodities should not be tested at any location.

Space Time is a place we can not return to. Time Yes, Space Yes but Space Time? No.

Date d'inscription : 2012-10-17

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