*FIXED* Beta Testing - Nevada

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*FIXED* Beta Testing - Nevada Empty *FIXED* Beta Testing - Nevada

Post by Gunner on Wed 10 Apr - 16:10

Beta Test Report

System: Nevada

Assumption and pre-conditions: Commodities not examined.

Bases: Reno: 1 observations on Rumours, Please see below
Las Vegas: No observations
Conclusion: Less for the Reno observations below all text, rumours,
info cards are OK.

Factions: All responded as expected. Especially when my ID was
changed to Police and Military with neutral rep.

Ships: Tested with no observations outside the expected handling.

Combat: Difficult to test fully owing to minimum NPCs but effective.

Miming: Not applicable.

Jump Holes and Gate: No Observations.

System Fly around: No Observations.

Reno Observations. Note that this is only my personal opinion.

The rumour by Whitney Paterson talks about her guardian angle in that she states that it looks quote “after me only.” A new sentence states that “He’s a complete idiot.”
This statement is a little confusion as she does not state why he is an idiot. I believe that the intention here was “looks after me”. New sentence “Only he is a complete idiot”.
This at least implies that he is an idiot for looking after her.
( This was a typo and has now been corrected)

Ships used: Orion, Sabre Mk11, Warthog
IDs Used: Admin, Bret Mil, Freelancer, Liberty Police

Tester: Gunner 9 April 13

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*FIXED* Beta Testing - Nevada Empty Re: *FIXED* Beta Testing - Nevada

Post by keltwookie on Wed 10 Apr - 16:13

Rumour typo *FIXED*

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