Beta Test Report Bretonian Systems *checked - all done/added:fixed*

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Beta Test Report Bretonian Systems *checked - all done/added:fixed*

Post by Gunner on Sun 21 Apr - 16:30

Beta Test Report – Bretonian Space

Systems Tested:

New London


No commodities/trading have been checked.
Unless specified the test observations applies to all systems.

Flying through Bretonia:

Molly NPC vessels run well through Bretonian Systems and were seen in all systems less for Kent (naturally). Most activity was routes via Manchester and Edinburgh to Tir Chonaill. The change of the Modus Operandi of Gallia and The Molly’s has decreased aggressive faction activity but by compensating Corsair activity seems to have slightly increased. The greatest Corsair activity is in the Cambridge system (of course).


1. All rumours on Planet Medway (Kent) have embedded BB Codes. (The original rumour report regarding Planet Medway has not been seen again therefore I can not verify if it has been fixed)
2. The Moring Fixture on Planet Medway is not shown as such but is labelled “Planet Medway”. The same as the planet itself which creates confusion when trying to dock.


The Warthog has not been tested as no suitable target was available but it flies well.
The Battleship is difficult to control. While its wobble has been reduced I find it a difficult vessel to control. The Destroyer and Gunship handling is exceptional by contrast therefore it may be my ability and a second opinion is required. It has been reported by other sources that the Panther is perhaps a little large for a VHF. I disagree and find it very suitable.


Bretonian Vessels are a good match for itinerant faction vessels which allow skill to be the dominant factor. Again the Warthog was not tested.


Not tested to the full potential but I feel that the mining opportunities may need to be improved.

Report Ends

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Re: Beta Test Report Bretonian Systems *checked - all done/added:fixed*

Post by keltwookie on Sun 21 Apr - 16:43

Nice job Sir Very Happy

- As I already said, apart light bumps from the npcs, I never had any problem with the Tiger (Bret BS). Need to be verified again with other testers (Leeeeee? Very Happy )
- rumours with code have been fixed since

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