Beta Test Report - Aquitaine System Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed*

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Beta Test Report - Aquitaine System Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed* Empty Beta Test Report - Aquitaine System Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed*

Post by Gunner on Thu 25 Apr - 14:46

Beta Test Report – Aquitaine

Another Gallia system that is exceptionally interesting. It has bases for both the Salamanders and the Heirs of the Crown. The later being encased in a mysterious cloud and a base that resembles DS9. “Wow” was my response as I approached this base.

This above paragraph says it all regarding the system fly through. All NPC’s both friend and foe respond exactly right for the scenario. The rest of the report is base by base.

Agen Station: Nothing to report (NTR) less for the now ubiquitous single NPC in the bar.

Bergerac Station: A Salamander Base again with only 1 BAR NPC with a strange rumour. It would seem a rumour best suited coming from an Interspace Commerce NPC and not a Salamander bar tender.

Battleship Mariganac: Again only 1 bar NPC but this one has no rumour.

Arcachon Base: A Heirs to the Crown base.
Well thought out and ideally located. However there is again only 1 NPC at the Bar but has a Rhinelander Military rumour which discusses the Rhinelands new Battleship “The  Westfalen” which is now deployed in the Hamburg System.

Planet Bordeaux: On landing it is very clear that this is the scenery for Planet Leeds. Amplified by the name Restaurant Leeds at the landing sight. There is a ship dealaer logo but no ships yet on offer for sale.
There is one rumour query which comes from an Interspace Commerce NPC. He states that he was sent to the planet by his boss, who is an amateur wine collector, for wine. He then continues to refer to his boss as “it is” as opposed to “he”. An example reads “It is a amateur wine collector”.

All ships that are on offer are very good and act as expected especially the outlaw NPC ships.

This system will need another test when perceived errors have been corrected.

Report Ends

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