Beta Test Report - Languedoc System - Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed*

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Beta Test Report - Languedoc System - Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed* Empty Beta Test Report - Languedoc System - Gallia *checked - all done/added:fixed*

Post by Gunner on Thu 25 Apr - 11:50

Beta Test Report – Languedoc

Situated in the Gallia collective systems Languedoc appears to be the main gateway into Gallia.

The system fly through is interesting in that it gives the player 2 alternate routes through the system to other Gallia systems. All NPCs perform as one would expect depending upon the player’s reputation and alliances. Therefore this report is a base to base report.

Perpignan Base:  NTR (nothing to report) less for the fact that there is only 1 NPC (the barman) at the bar.

Planet Narbonne: The info card for this planet appears to be the info card for Dover Planet in the New London system in that it is identical in speaking of New London bases in its proximity.

Bezier Base: Again only 1 NPC (the barman) in the bar.

Planet Montpellier: A good mix of Bar NPC’s. The ships sold by the ship dealer are all quite excellent.

Castelnaudary Station:  Again 1 NPC (the barman) at the bar. There is a ship dealer logo but there are no ships for sale. The rumour states that no mining is done at this base however a rumour at the bar on Planet Toulouse states that mining is completed at Castelnaudary.

Carcassone Base: Salamanders, NTR.

Planet Toulouse: The ships are good and the small freighter “The Abeille” is very agile in a chase. Although it only has a cargo hold of 400 units it would be an excellent choice for a newbie experiencing trading and escaping the outlaws. Suggestion is that if this ship could sport mining turrets then it would be an excellent miner.
See Castelnaudary reference the bar rumour stating the mining activity at Castelnaudary.

This system must be retested when observations are fixed.

Report ends.

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