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Admin Tests, Lets not call it Beta untill it is: Empty Admin Tests, Lets not call it Beta untill it is:

Post by Gunner on Sun 23 Jun - 16:27

Test completed on Omega 13, Omicron Nu and Omicron Minor

Omega 13

Faultless in all aspects. The Base is awesome. The new jumpgates are a nice change (although not connected anywhere yet, systems of New Beijin and Lash Havar yet to be established).
Bar Rumour, Ship merchant ect all perfect.
Suggestion This may be a great system for a hidden wreck.
Nice job and no Consul Errors.

Omicron Nu

Well it was Omicron Nu I set myself in using the ioncross details in DASM but the actual location I arrived in was is Omicron Minor (1). Home of the Nomad Liar.  The airlock gates to Omicron Nu (?) are not active yet and firing on the base with Cannon and Torpedeos provoked no response from the base. However it is an impressive size.

On the Nav Map the images of the 2 Airlocks (as jump gates) sit over a large blurred image of the Hedgemon. If this is intentional many players will remark on this so it suggested that the image be changed if possible.

The gate to the other Omicron Minor worked well and no errors detected in the system.

Again no Errors shown on the Consul

So in short no test was actually complete on Omicron Nu and the Ioncross details do not match the Nav Map. There are 2 Omicron Minors.

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