Admin Test Mod version rev5 - *Checked and Completed*

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Admin Test Mod version rev5 - *Checked and Completed* Empty Admin Test Mod version rev5 - *Checked and Completed*

Post by Gunner on Mon 24 Jun - 18:40

The areas tested are Omicron Minor, Omicron Major (2) and the Ael K'Haar system

Omicron Minor is an Order system

Planet Toledo

All appears to be correct. There are no rumours, bribes or info in the Bar but I observed no errors on the base. Commodities yet to be inloaded.
The other base is the Order Battleship Perrysburg. (This ship does not appear to be in the Ioncross folder)
1. Once docked, your player ship is parked on top of the Seth Heavt Fighter sold by the ship dealer.
2. The ship load out on the sellers info card is out of alignment so the text on the left does not match the numerical figures on the right.

As yet no equipment, commodities, bar npcs, rumours, info or bribes.

Everything else appears to be in order. The Perrysburg does return fire when engaged.

Exit/entrances to the system is either via Omicron NU Jump Hole or the Alien Jump Gate. This takes you to Omicron Major (1st as there are 2).
The only thing found here is the Alien gate into the Dyson Sphere as featured in the final scenerio of Freelancer. However docking is only possible when the anomily appears. 
Inside the Dysons Sphere of the second Omicron Major.
New Trade lane works well. The docking ring to Arn K'Havar also works but the planet surface looks like Malta with no Nomad npc ships flying around.
Meeting the Darm Kvosh for the first time in the flesh was interesting, however like most bases no ships, equipment, commodities for sale and no rumours, info or bribes. All appears to work well.
The other end of the trade lane leads to an empty system of Ael K'Haar. As said it is currently empty so nothing to test.
Engaging anything in these systems brings every Nomad War Vessel on top of you like a plague of locusts.

Currently leaving these systems is currently not possible.
Having exited the Dyson Sphere of one Omicron Major you become stuck within the structure of the other end of the gate. I tried this twice and was stuck each time.

No other errors to report at this stage.

Consul error lines sent by PM.

Space Time is a place we can not return to. Time Yes, Space Yes but Space Time? No.

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Admin Test Mod version rev5 - *Checked and Completed* Empty Re: Admin Test Mod version rev5 - *Checked and Completed*

Post by keltwookie on Sat 6 Jul - 10:34

All accesses to Daam K'Voshs Workds are now enabled. The most of the bases are equiped, but no rumours yet, if someonre have ideas, he's more than welcome Very Happy

Omicron Nu is viable for the Single Player Mode only, I think to disable the accesses to those systems for MP Mode, or change their zones/bases/objects radically, ideas welcome Smile (for future versions)

A complete campaign could be made for future versions of the Mod

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Date d'inscription : 2012-10-17

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